Building Your First Convolutional Neural Network With Keras - Thank You for Supporting Online Education

Thank You for Supporting Online Education

David Landup
David Landup

This concludes the first project in the course! It was a ride. To recap, here are some of the prominent concepts we've covered:

  • Co-occurrence and the source of co-occurrence bias in datasets
  • Finding, downloading datasets, and extracting data
  • Visualizing subsets of images
  • Data loading and preprocessing
  • Promises and perils of Data Augmentation and Keras' ImageDataGenerator class
  • Defining a custom CNN architecture
  • Implementing LRFinder with Keras and finding learning rates automatically
  • The concept of Cyclical Learning Rates
  • Evaluating a model's classification abilities
  • Interpreting a model's predictions evaluating errors
  • What makes the network predict wrong
  • Interpreting a model's attention maps to identify what models actually learn with tf-keras-vis and GradCam++
  • Interpreting what the model's convolutional layers have learned through Principal Component Analysis and t-SNE

That concludes this Guided Project - "Building Your First Convolutional Neural Network With Keras". Thank you for taking a ride with us!

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