Text-based courses for better comprehension

Why take a text-based course?

  • Move at your own pace. Text-based courses can be taken faster than videos while also allowing you to slow down when needed.
  • Frequent updates. It can be difficult to update even minor issues in videos, while text can be fixed/updated in minutes.
  • Better comprehension. Reading text forces you to pay attention, whereas videos are easy to just passively pay attention.
  • Text is searchable. No need to skip to random parts of a video trying to find the content you need - just use Ctrl + F.

Learn New Skills

Want to learn a new technology or become an in-demand full-stack developer? We teach the skills you need to level up in your career.


The most-used programming language, used for web development, machine learning, scripting, and more.


The language of the web, used in both frontend and backend development.


A class-based language often used in enterprise environments, as well as on billions of devices via the Android OS.

Machine Learning

Build intelligent software that can use data to classify, predict, and optimize better than humans.

Web Development

Create websites, from e-commerce, to SaaS, to social networks, and reach millions through their browsers.


A family of operating systems that operate the majority of web servers. Learn about devops, scripting, and more.

Guides and Articles

Browse and learn from any of our thousands of free articles, published daily.

Bits and Bytes

Byte-sized code-oriented articles with practical examples.

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