Concurrency in Java: The volatile Keyword

Introduction Multithreading is a common cause of headaches for programmers. Since humans are naturally not used to this kind of "parallel" thinking, designing a multithreaded program becomes much less straight-forward than writing software with a single thread of execution. In this article, we will take a look at...
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Default Arguments in Python Functions

Functions in Python are used to implement logic that you want to execute repeatedly at different places in your code. You can pass data to these functions via function arguments. In addition to passing arguments to functions via a function call, you can also set default argument values in Python

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The Observer Design Pattern in Java


In this article, we'll be implementing the Observer Design Pattern to solve a commonly occurring problem in object-oriented software development.

Design Patterns are standardized solutions to common problems in the software development industry. Being familiar with them, a developer is able to recognize where each should be implemented and

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