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Git: Fetch a Remote Branch

When collaborating with colleagues, or even when you're just using an open source library, you'll often need to fetch a branch from a remote repository using Git.

The "base case" to fetch a branch is fairly simple, but like with many other Git operations, it can become quite confusing when

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Git: Push Local Branch and Track It

Whether you've been programming for decades or just started out, at some point in your career you'll need to share your changes to a codebase. Or maybe if you're like me, you might just be paranoid and want to store everything in a remote repository, like GitHub, for safe-keeping in

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Git: Revert to a Previous Commit

If I've learned anything in my 15+ years of programming, it's that mistakes are common, and I make a lot of them. This equally applies to version control tools as well. Whether you accidentally commit changes, or just realized your previous committed code isn't what you wanted, often times you'll

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