Data Visualization in Python with Matplotlib and Pandas

David Landup
David Landup


Data Visualization in Python with Matplotlib and Pandas is a course designed to take absolute beginners to Pandas and Matplotlib, with basic Python knowledge, and allow them to build a strong foundation for advanced work with these libraries - from simple plots to 3D plots and interactive buttons.

Through practical, hands-on and straightforward examples, the course guides you through Data Visualization and Exploration using Python, Pandas and Matplotlib. You'll learn how to use the constituent elements of Pandas to load and manipulate datasets, as well as visualize them, the different styles of Matplotlib plotting and the anatomy of Matplotlib plots, before learning how to customize the elements to your liking. Furthermore, the book covers a great deal of different plot types, from simple Pie Charts and Bar Plots to 3D Surface Plots and Joint Plots. Each different plot type features a new dataset, containing different types of data you might want to visualize, guiding you through many unique aspects of Data Visualization.

This book aims to be your one-stop-shop for Matplotlib-related questions, including common tasks, frequently searched questions regarding customization and a wide variety of plot types - including the ones not built-in to the library itself.

What Our Readers Think

"This is the best all-in-one collection of data plotting techniques for Python, and a good Pandas reference as well. Great desk-side reference. I highly recommend."
ā€” Amazon Customer

"Easy to follow and well written. Helped me build a solid foundation of Matplotlib and start doing my own data visualization projects. It was nice that the book had several datasets to learn from since most projects require their own unique preprocessing and prep for data visualization. Now I just need to find a resource for animating plots."
ā€” Matt

Who This Course is For:

  • Beginner to Advanced Python enthusiasts
  • Aspiring Data Scientists, who are ready to jump into the world of Data Visualization
  • Analysts, Product Managers and Marketing Consultants who'd like to explore trends and adapt their strategies with empirical evidence
  • The average Joe who's interested in Data Visualization šŸ˜‰


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Last Updated: Dec 2022

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