GeoPandas and GeoPlot

David Landup
Dan Nelson

GeoPandas is an extension to the Pandas plotting library designed to make it easier to work with geospatial/geographical data. Much like how regular Pandas allows the user to create and manipulate DataFrames, Geopandas is intended to facilitate these operations on geospatial data.

GeoPandas was designed to make manipulating and visualizing geospatial data simpler, as it is a geographically focused version of Pandas. Similarly, Geoplot is a plotting API that is a geographic counterpart to Matplotlib.

In this lesson, we’ll look at the data types that GeoPandas makes use of, explore different ways GeoPandas can be used to prepare data for plots, and look at some examples of plots you can make with GeoPandas and GeoPlot. We'll also learn how to make interactive geodata maps using Folium.

Notable Features of GeoPandas

GeoPandas has some useful features intended to make working with geospatial data easier.

Spatial Data Handling

Just like Pandas was created to facilitate the manipulation and cleaning of regular data, GeoPandas is intended to make manipulating geospatial data easier. It allows the user to handle spatial data with the types of functions observed in regular Pandas, letting the user merge, split, select, and perform set operations on geospatial data.

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