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I am a programmer by profession. I am highly interested in Python, Java, Data Science and Machine learning. If you need help in any of these, don't hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

Lambda Functions in Python

What are Lambda Functions?

In Python, we use the lambda keyword to declare an anonymous function, which is why we refer to them as "lambda functions". An anonymous function refers to a function declared with no name. Although syntactically they look different, lambda functions behave in the same way as

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Introduction to Python Iterators

What are Iterators?

An iterator in Python refers to an object that we can iterate upon. The iterator consists of countable values, and it is possible to traverse through these values, one by one.

The iterator simply implements the Python's iterator protocol. The iterator protocol is a Python class which

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Python Nested Functions

What is a Nested Function?

Functions are one of the "first-class citizens" of Python, which means that functions are at the same level as other Python objects like integers, strings, modules, etc. They can be created and destroyed dynamically, passed to other functions, returned as values, etc.

Python supports the

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