Source Code Management - SCM

David Landup
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What is Source Code Management?

A good question to begin with would be:

What is Source Code Management?

Source Code Management could be defined as the process of tracking modifications in the code of a software solution. It's worth noting that Source Code Management and Version Control refer to the same thing. You'll come across "SCM", "VCS", "Source Control", "Version Control", "Revision Control", etc. interchangeably, in the context of software development.

Version Control itself, can also have a broader meaning - controlling the versions or changes of anything. A curious use case of Version Control Systems would be keeping track of changes in the legislation and laws of a country.

In robust systems, where even small changes can impact a lot of other modules, keeping track of them is paramount. Knowing who made the change, with a timestamp associated with it, and a clear view of what was changed would be able to change the way we bring about laws.

It's not unheard of for legislators of to debate wrong law proposals, and only realizing that they're discussing an outdated version after wasting valuable time, simply because the documents given to them and the changes made to them weren't tracked properly.

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