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Reading a File Line by Line in Java

In Computer Science, a file is a resource used to record data discretely in a computer’s storage device. In Java, a resource is usually an object implementing the AutoCloseable interface.

Reading files and resources have many usages:

  • Statistics, Analytics, and Reports
  • Machine Learning
  • Dealing with large text files or
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Reading and Writing JSON in Java

What is JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation or in short JSON is a data-interchange format that was introduced in 1999 and became widely adopted in the mid-2000s. Currently, it is the de-facto standard format for the communication between web services and their clients (browsers, mobile applications, etc.). Knowing how to read

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How to Copy a File in Java

Copying Files in Java

Copying a file or directory used to be a typical development task. With the introduction of Docker containers and a desire for maximum immutability, we see it less and less often.

Still, it's a fundamental concept, and it might be useful to know what options does

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