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Git: An Introduction for Beginners

Software development is inherently full of challenges. This ranges from architecting your software, maintaining it, fixing bugs, deploying, and the list goes on. When starting out, you'd think that the easy part would be to share you code with others. After all, they're just text files, right? This may not

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Git: Adding a Commit Message

As many programmers have found out the hard way, adding documentation is extremely important in being able to easily make modifications to your code, fix issues, pass off to others, etc. Just because your code makes sense now doesn't mean it'll make sense to you in 6 months (or even

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Git: Remove a File

As your project changes over time, at some point you'll likely need to remove a file, or an entire directory, from the repository. Since this involves more than changing the contents of a file, Git has a special command to handle removing files, which also takes some important flags depending

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Git: Create a New Repository

When starting a new project, one of the first things you'll find yourself needing to do is creating a new Git repository. This not only helps you share the project with coworkers, or publicly, but it's also a great way to track updates to a young project that is bound

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Git: Clone a Repository

One of the many benefits of using version control software like Git is how easily you can copy the entire contents and history of a project with a simple command in your terminal. Once on your local machine, you can then make the changes/additions/deletions that you want, and

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