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Insertion Sort in JavaScript


In this article, we will explain what the idea behind Insertion Sort is and implement it in JavaScript.

Insertion Sort is one of the simpler sorting algorithms. It's highly intuitive, stable, in-place, and of comparison-type.

A stable sorting algorithm is an algorithm in which two objects with equal keys

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Selection Sort in JavaScript


Selection Sort is one of the simpler and more intuitive sorting algorithms. It is an in-place, unstable, comparison algorithm.

This means that it transforms the input collection using no auxiliary data structures and that the input is overridden by the output (in-place algorithm).

Additionally, during its execution, it only

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Programming Language Processors


Nowadays, most programs are written in a high-level language such as C, Java, or Python. These languages are designed more for people, rather than machines, by hiding some hardware details of a specific computer from the programmer.

Simply put, high-level languages simplify the job of telling a computer what

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